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Note on "(Close) the door..."

Due to an unfortunate oversight on my part, the following acknowledgments were left off the final paper. My sincere apologies to any of the individuals whose help for the paper isn't credited in the paper itself. (And of course, any errors in the paper are no fault of the persons mentioned below).

This paper was written with support of the J.Y. Pillay Fellowship at Yale-NUS College. In addition, it has benefitted from the Ancient Worlds Workgroup at Yale-NUS College, which is funded by Yale-NUS and the Singapore Ministry of Education’s AcRF Tier 1 funding support, grant number IG16-RCS002. I have also benefited from conversation with Elisa Freschi, Jay Garfield, Brendan Gillon, Andrew Ollett, and Mark Siderits, as well as students in my 2016 Classical Indian Philosophy of Language course. Feedback from two anonymous referees has much improved the paper, and I thank them for their detailed and helpful remarks.