Will you spell-check my Sanskrit tattoo for me?


But I will suggest you think twice before getting one unless you can read Sanskrit. The image below is from The Internship (2013) and shows Will Ferrell sporting a tattoo that's supposed to say "Make reasonable choices." Problem is, it's terribly misspelled, and would look like gibberish to a Sanskrit speaker.
Will Ferrell's tattoo from The Internship
The tattoo reads:
These are not Sanskrit words, but are letters in a writing system (a script) that is commonly used for Sanskrit, known as Devanāgarī (it's used for Hindi, too).

If you were to transliterate the tattoo as if it were Sanskrit, it would sound something like:

re uhsonuhbley
cho ichesuh

I've broken it up like this because even though the second and third lines are written as if they are one word, you would never see the letter अ  or इ written in that manner in the middle of a word.

I like to think, though, that the makeup artists knew how badly this tattoo failed, and used it as a self-referential performance. (And as much as I'm tempted to fix the tattoo, I leave that as an exercise for the reader, as I don't want the responsibility for "corrected" versions on people's skins!).